Fibre-reinforced plastic rebar

 A relatively new reinforcing element to perform construction work is a high strength non-metallic reinforcement of composite materials.

Fiberglass reinforcement is a particularly strong rods with a diameter of 4-32 mm, comes in the form of rods and coils with a spiral relief of any construction length of glass or basalt fibers impregnated by chemically resistant polymer binder.

Composite fiberglass reinforcement is designed for use in concrete structures with prestressed and unstressed reinforcement instead of traditional steel reinforcement.

Having over five years experience in production of composite materials, ‘Petroleum-Trading’ LLC offers to consider the possibility of concluding contracts for the supply of composite reinforcement, equipment and raw materials for its production.

The industrial complex is located: Perm Krai, Zvezdnyy village, 9/3 Promyshlennaya Str.

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