GFRP rebar

      Fiber reinforced plastic rebar are nonmetallic bars made from glass, basalt, carbon or aramid fibers, hardened and impregnated with binder. Rebar made of glass fibers is commonly called glass-reinforced plastic, basalt fibers — basalt-reinforced plastic, carbon fiber — carbon fiber-reinforced. Special ribs are formed on the surface of fiber-reinforced plastic rebar or sand covering is applied in order to improve the adhesion with concrete during production process.

      Due to its physical-mechanical characteristics and technical advantages, fiber-reinforced plastic rebar becomes the metal reinforcement alternative, as it combines high strength and corrosion resistance.

      Glass fiber reinforced plastic rebar (GRP) is a composite rebar which is made from fiberglass that is giving strength, and thermosetting resins acting as binders. One of the fiberglass reinforcement advantages is low weight and high strength. Having high strength and corrosion resistance, it is an alternative to a metal armature.

      Basalt fiber reinforced plastic rebar is a composite rebar made of basalt fiber and resin.  The essential difference in the construction material from those, mentioned above, is much higher resistance to hostile environment (alkalis, salt, acids).